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Welcome to Odontologist Online, Where Your Smile Comes First!

Focused on delivering high-quality dental services, our team of expert dentists is here to take care of your oral health and enhance your smile, no matter where you are. With cutting-edge technology and highly qualified professionals, we offer personalized solutions for your dental needs.

General Checkups

Dental Implants


Cosmetic Dentistry

Teeth Whitening

Orthodontic Care

Preventative Dentistry

At Odontologist Online, We Prioritize Your Smile through Preventive Dentistry.

In our clinic, we take pride in offering a comprehensive approach centered on preventive dentistry to ensure the oral health of our patients. We firmly believe that prevention is key to maintaining radiant smiles and avoiding long-term complications.

Esthetic Dentistry

Enhancing Your Smile through Aesthetic Dentistry. 

At Odontologist Online, we understand the importance of a beautiful and confident smile. Our clinic specializes in aesthetic dentistry, a field dedicated to enhancing the visual appeal of your teeth and smile.


In our clinic, we take pride in offering high-quality orthodontic services. We have a specialized team dedicated to providing our patients with the best care and results. If you’re looking to improve the alignment of your teeth and achieve a healthier smile, come visit us! We are here to assist you. Remember to customize the message according to the tone and communication style of your clinic.

Tooth Whitening

Beyond our regular check-ups and preventive treatments, we also provide specialized services such as teeth whitening at our clinic. Our experienced team of professionals is dedicated to enhancing and maintaining the oral health and aesthetics of our patients. Feel free to inquire about our teeth whitening service for a brighter and more confident smile.

Emergency Care

Our commitment is to provide timely and effective care when unexpected dental issues arise. Whether it’s a sudden injury or severe discomfort, our team is here to address your dental emergencies promptly and professionally.

Dental Implants

In our clinic, we also provide dental implant services. Dental implants are a permanent and effective solution for replacing missing teeth, restoring both function and aesthetics. Our skilled team of professionals is dedicated to ensuring a successful and comfortable implant experience for our patients. If you’re considering dental implants, don’t hesitate to consult with us for personalized and expert care.

Our dentists

Our clinic is staffed by a team of experienced and dedicated dentists committed to providing exceptional care. Meet our dentists:

Xochipilli Bojorquez

Dr. Xochipilli Bojórquez

Laser Dentistry and Implantology Expert

ZAlli Bojorquez

Dr. Xochiquetzalli Bojórquez

D.D.S. - Endodontics

Dr. Alejandro Barragan

Dr. Alejandro Barragan

Experto en Cirugía Oral e Implantes

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